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  1. Privacy Guarantee: We understand that when you turn to us, you want to keep a low profile. We know how important it is and this is why your information will never be disclosed. Even our staff members will not have authority to access your personal details.
  2. Satisfaction Guarantee: We understand that when you pay for your coursework, you want to achieve complete satisfaction. It’s your right to be satisfied and this is why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with our work.
  3. Money Back Guarantee: We understand that your money is your biggest concern. You don’t want to lose your money and we don’t want to keep your money if we can’t make you happy. Thus, we offer a 100% risk-free money back guarantee to make it easy for you to trust us.

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At Essay Mall, our main focus is on assisting students and ensuring that they get good grades. We also know that most students don’t have tons of extra money in their accounts. Thus, they can’t afford to pay much for writing services. This is why even though our work is excellent, yet we have kept our rates somewhat low to make it easy for you to place on order. We know that once you acquire our services and like us, you will come back to us again and again. Thus, by keeping our rates low, we don’t lose anything at all.

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